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Information about the University of Bristol Botanic Garden's first ever major sculpture exhibition is available through this link, 'Sculpture in the Botanic Gardens'. Susan Lovatt was one of the invited artists whose work was on display at this internationally respected botanic garden. 6 - 9 April 2012.

There is an online interview about 'Souvenirs of a Disaster' at

New work, as 'Making a Mark' (pieces about domestic work) has come to a natural close, Susan Lovatt is currently developing new themes and is producing preliminary work for new sculptures, one of which can be seen at the Studio Blog (28 February 2010).

Link to BBC Online article about Susan Lovatt and her hunt for shopping lists.

Susan Lovatt is a registered member of 'Axis: Visual Arts Exchange and Information Service'

Link to article in the University of Bristol 'Subtext Magazine' Issue 3 page 10

If you would like information on the 2006 group show 'Significant Spaces' please follow this link,'Significant Spaces Exhibition'


Susan Lovatt would like to thank everyone who helped her to build this website. Special thanks must go to Jez Butler whose help was invaluable and who pointed her to 'Slimbox' the javascript which makes the pop-up slideshow on the gallery pages. The slideshow on the homepage was created with the help of this javascript tutorial link. Many thanks also to her team of testers, particularly worthy of mention are - Geoff Mullett, Simon Castens, Jeremy Hinton, Aiden Bowes and Ben Heal - for pointing out the many defects.