Works of art by Susan Lovatt

'Making a Mark' | Installation

'Making a Mark' was an installation based on domestic work.

Susan Lovatt said about it, 'Most of life happens in between an occasional exciting, joyful or catastrophic event. Our daily chores are dismissed because they are mundane and repetitive. Yet monotonous tasks consume so much of our time and are so necessary, perhaps they deserve some thought. After every major event there will always be some clearing up.

If our clearing up is effective then by its very nature it will leave no trace, but I think it has cultural significance, society would surely fail if all the little tasks were not completed. My works celebrate this constant effort. Using a wide range of materials I fabricate evidence of these small actions and display the results as if they were valued relics.'

She uses a huge variety of materials and techniques and works with ceramics, enamels, digital print and other mediums.

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The installation

Installation, 'Making a Mark' Installation 'Making a Mark' Installation 'Making a Mark'