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'One for the Crow' is the collective name for visual artists Stephen Lovatt and Susan Lovatt

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About One for the Crow

We are Stephen Lovatt and Susan Lovatt, two artists based in Bristol, England. We both trained at Norwich School of Art and Design, Stephen in Fine Art, Susan in Graphic Design and Illustration. Stephen was a lecturer in art at the City of Bristol College for longer than he cares to remember and is now a full time professional artist. Susan has a Master’s Degree in Printmaking from the University of the West of England (UWE)

Stephen creates paintings of pure visual sensation which are based on the detailed study of natural objects.

Susan works with a variety of mediums, producing sculptures, tile murals and prints.

Our intention is to use this blog to show what projects we are currently involved with and to explain a little about them.

You can watch paint dry by looking at Stephen’s painting blog where he is uploading photos of ┬áhis current painting as he works on it.

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