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“All is not as it seems”

'The Fabulous Spectre' a painting by Stephen Lovatt ©The Fabulous Spectre

Now, I think that “All is not as it seems” is the title. It’s the title on the printed Private Show invitation cards that the gallery sent us, but on their website they’ve put “it’s not all as it seems”.

It’s a joint show with Stephen’s work and , in complete contrast, the landscape paintings of Sarah Jane Brown.

The Private Show is next Thursday 10 May, 6-8pm. It’ll be a bit of a rush but I think we’ll get there on time.

If you’d like to join us it’s at the Off the Wall Gallery, The Old Probate Registry, Cardiff Road, Llandaff, Cardiff CF5 2DQ.
RSVP: or telephone 029 20554469.

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