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'One for the Crow' is the collective name for visual artists Stephen Lovatt and Susan Lovatt

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Category: about the blog

Recent Events

Family commitments have meant that it has been difficult for me to keep this blog up to date. Which is why I did not put up posts for two events at the end of last year. Stephen had new paintings in the Christmas Show at the Off the Wall Gallery in Cardiff and both Susan [...]

Down With the Old, Up With the New

I’ll be very sorry to see Stephen’s work come off the walls of the Glass Room tomorrow evening. It’s been a great show and the work looked fabulous there. There has been some really encouraging feedback and I shall be posting some of the comments here shortly. As you can see from the sidebar on [...]

On the Road

Stephen has gone to the Worcester Open 2010 private view today. For someone who professes to liking a quiet life at home he has done a lot of travelling recently. He has been visiting galleries to promote his work and he has been to several private views where his work is on show. He has [...]


I am actively working on the appearance of both the blogs. So they may look different each time you visit.

Blog and Website updates

Stephen has started uploading photos to his Work in Progress Blog and I’ve just updated the website with news about forthcoming shows in Stephen’s News and Susan’s News.

I’ve been working

I’ve been working on Stephen’s painting blog. He has been taking photos of his current painting and I have scheduled in photos for the next 10 days. He will continue to take the photos as the painting progresses and I hope to upload the next batch in time to create a seamless daily upload. Stephen [...]

About the crow image

The crow was spotted hanging in a hedgerow near Glamis* in Scotland. Traditionally, gamekeepers and farmers hang corpses of both corvids and birds of prey which damage crops or kill gamebirds in hedges and trees to deter other birds.

About the rhyme…

One for the Mouse, One for the Crow, One to Rot, One to Grow It is an old country rhyme referring to the fact that very little of the grain a farmer sows will ever produce a crop for harvest. We chose it as our website name because