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Category: sculpture

Sculpture at the Botanic Garden

I’m one of the invited artists exhibiting at the Bristol University Botanic Garden this weekend. I’m showing table-top pieces on the theme of  ’Infestations’ in the Linnaeus Study Room where teas will be served while the show is on. I’ll try to get along as much as possible this weekend and I will certainly be [...]

Susan’s web pages updated

I updated my webpages this morning. You can take a look at some of my new sculptures there. Go to Susan’s sculpture page.

3D Printing

I went to the course on 3D scanning and printing at UWE just over a week ago. I enjoyed it immensely, for a start it was lovely to be back in the studios there and say ‘Hi’ to a few of the lecturers and technicians. One of my MA tutors, Brendan Reid, ran the course. [...]

I’ve been working

I’ve been working on Stephen’s painting blog. He has been taking photos of his current painting and I have scheduled in photos for the next 10 days. He will continue to take the photos as the painting progresses and I hope to upload the next batch in time to create a seamless daily upload. Stephen [...]

Egg cup

It’s been a while. I have tweaked the website a bit more and finished the first couple of egg sculptures. The one I’m showing here has had a stand added as it seemed more effective if it were displayed upright. The stand was modelled in wax and then resin cast at Opus Studios in Somerset. [...]